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Musical Sculptures by Oliver DiCicco

Posted by SoundBox

March 1, 2015

Oliver DiCicco: Sirens, Waiting for the Big One, and Orsted’s Flux Detector

San Francisco-based designer, sculptor, fabricator, engineer, and musician Oliver DiCicco’s large-scale kinetic sound sculptures are often used as interactive components in theatrical productions, and his experimental sculptural musical instruments are described as “high tech and beautifully fashioned... but with a human sort of tactility.”

A love of rowing on the San Francisco Bay inspired DiCicco to create Sirens, a kinetic sound sculpture that evokes a ship on the sea, the motion of waves, the songs of whales, the flow of the tides. Named for the mythical sirens who lured sailors into dangerous waters, the sculpture is made of water-filled tubes, which “sing” as the water pushes air through the ends of the swaying pipes.

Also featured at "Farther Out" are DiCicco’s Waiting for the Big One and Orsted's Flux Detector, which explore magnetic fields as sound producers—the artist encourages audience participation in the interactive Orsted.